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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Jubril, the son of Aare Musulimi of Yoruba land Arisekola Alao was arrested by London police recently.
He was taken in for questioning as part of investigations into the botched Christmas day bombing of United States of America Airline North- West Delta by 23 year old Nigerian, Farouk Abdulmutallab the son of former Chairman of First Bank, Alhaji Umar Mutallab.
The telephone number of Jubril was found on the phone of Farouk.
The relevant law authority took in Jubril to explain the relationship between him and the young man who almost threw the whole world into great mourning with his circumvented action.
Jubril was released after he convinced investigators Farouk was no more than a family friend.
The Arisekolas and Mutallabs enjoy good relationship.
Jubril is currently studying at a London University.
He is said to have picked up the thread of his disrupted life at press time.
Farouk is currently facing prosecution for his action in United States of America.
The Christmas day incident resulted in the United States of America hastily placing Nigerian among the list of terrorist countries.
The conduct of the US government has attracted great condemnations from far and wide against the backdrop of the exemplary conduct of Alhaji Mutallabi in reporting his son’s extreme tendencies to the United States Embassy months before he attempted to bomb the aircraft.
The U.S government failed to act on the obvious pointer provided by the father against his son for the good of the world.

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