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Thursday, March 18, 2010


The business empire of Ibrahim Babangida, the former head of state who recently lost his glamorous ex first lady Maryam Babangida is still on the rise.
Sources disclosed to Man About Town that the former number one man just finished the construction of a high brow hotel in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria.
The hospitality centre is confirmed to be a one hundred and fifty room hotel.
The rooms form different suites inside the place of overnight stay.
It is located within Garki Area.
The identity of the hospitality centre is revealed as Hawthorn Suites.
Confirmed sources further revealed that the upscale building shares the same proximity with the much talked about house construction giant, Julius Berger bestowed on former president Olusegun Obasanjo while in power.
Investigations conducted by Man About Town revealed that painters just finished working on the building.
Insiders revealed all necessary facilities to make it function effectively have been installed- including the security details.
‘It only remains for the opening ceremonyto be done after the painters finish their job and it will commence full fledge operation’ a source hinted.
There are strong indications that the death of his celebrated wife in December 2009 is the cause of the delay of the opening of the hotel.
The former military president is still in mourning.
The woman tagged the closest person to him all his live gave up the ghost at an America hospital after a protracted illness.
And for the first time since he attained national prominence, the man who shaped the destiny of a nation for eight years and is still regarded an influential factor in the scheme of things years after he left office wept in public. This was at the dawn burial of his wife.
Sources explained that since Maryam Babangida died IBB has fondly called is yet to embrace the operations of his numerous enterprises. A situation that has made the newly completely hotel, among other investments, to lay in limbo.

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