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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Family, Loyalists Live In Fear Of Life Threatening Actions Over Opeyemi Bamidele, Kayode Fayemi's Guber Fight!

The battle for the next Governor of Ekiti state in the next political dispensation between members of the same party, Kayode Fayemi and Opeyemi Bamidele has attained an alarming dimension.

Sources confirmed 'it is now at the state of life threatening'

The estranged friends and chieftains of newly founded mega party, APC are at daggers drawn over who occupies the governorship post in the next dispensation.

Kayode Fayemi is the incumbent, but he got to his present status via the recommendations of current house of representative member, Kayode Fayemi.

Opeyemi is believed more of a grass root politician, he fell out with the governor of what is alleged to be the latters 'lack of tact' and propensity to 'get carried away' with his new status and inherent privileges when dealing with friends and associates.

Opeyemi reportedly refused to kow tow to his former friend and subscribed to what he allegedly labelled 'a demeaning relationship' with someone he was highly instrumental in setting up.

Insiders revealed he decided to show the more rooted of the duo by wresting power from Fayemi.

The moves and counter moves are the cause of serial conflicts and injuries to loyalists, supporters and associates.

Insiders revealed loyalists and associates of the duo now live in fear of life threatening actions.

Sources confirmed Fayemi has adopted the use of state machinery to coerce and frighten his opponents associates and friends. State patronage to those view as his former friends sympathisers have been stopped.

He is also alleged to have conscripted the transport unions to his side with huge donations and related largesse.

The moves are allegedly aimed at quelling Opeyemi's popularity on the streets- and strangulating the open campaigns that enhances it.

On his party, Opeyemi and his crew are said to have upped campaigns of 'non performance' against the second term seeking governor.

They are said to have increased sensitization of the young and veterans on the need to oust the governor that does not fully grasp the dictates of local politics and dynamics of the custom and tradition that oils the fulfilling of masses yearnings.

The campaigns and counter campaigns have started birthing violent clashes.

The most recent labelled the fallout of series of actions that affected the attempted guber rally of Opeyemi Bamidele in Ekiti.

Several people were injured when police dispelled tear gasses at the crowd and transport unions barricaded entry points to the town and venue.

Insiders revealed selected persecution and counter measures over the development are still on, with possible targets living in fear and great apprehension of being 'the next victim'.

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