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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Miss Earth Nigeria honours Prince Segun Oniru For 'Achievements With The Water Front'

Lagos State Honourable Commissioner for Waterfront Infrastructure, Prince Segun Oniru, was recently honoured by the organizers of environmentally oriented pageant, Miss Earth Nigeria.

The Lagos prince was singularly honoured for his achievement with the waterfront innovations as well his giant strides in keeping safe the lagos waterfront and ocean friendly and safe for Lagosians.

Speaking to press on the pageantry's decision to honour the commissioner, Ibinabo Fibresima, the major promoter of the project said, "Who else could have gotten the honours? It is indeed a well deserved honour because the commissioner had been at the forefront of keeping our ocean and waterfront safe for all Lagosians. He has selflessly with the utmost support of the Lagos State government done brilliantly well with his portfolio in the cabinent. And lastly, our theme for this year isYear of water cooperation, so who else would have aptly fit for the honour aside him?"

In his words, the commissioner was all smiles but also took time to explain that Lagosians need to abide with the instructions of the state and ministry when announcements are made on TV and radio because if the coastline isn't protected, it might spell doom for everyone.
The Miss Earth Nigeria Pageant was held at Orientals Hotels on Sunday September, 22 2013.

It was the 12 edition and Aremo Segun Oniru the only individual to be so honoured since the pageant started.

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