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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nike Oshinowo Fulfils Lifelong Ambition Of Having Children Without Pregnancy, As Surrogate Mother Gives Her Twins!

Nike Oshinowo, the Ex beauty queen and estranged wife of man about town, Tunde Soleye is now a mother!. And she didn't undergo the thrills, pains and stress of the mandatory 9months (or less in special cases) to have her children.

Sources confirmed she simple got an alternate 'pregnancy career' to fulfil her dream

' Former beauty queen, Nike Oshinowo, has just welcomed a set of twins after several years of waiting to have her own children.

But not biologically though.
Oshinowo was said to have had the baby boy and a girl via surrogacy few months ago in the United States of America.

'She returned home with the kids last week Monday.

Our further checks revealed that the twins are Oshinowo’s biological children but was carried for nine months and delivered by another woman in America.

'The identity of the twins’ father is currently unknown.

But there are indications that the former beauty queen bought a sperm from a sperm bank in the United States of America and used her own eggs, leading to the birth of the children.

The 47-year-old ex-queen, who has over the years battled endometriosis, already has two adopted children'

...additional reports theeagleonline

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