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Friday, May 20, 2016

Confiscation Assets Hearing Cause Delay In Deportation Of Ex Gov James Ibori To Nigeria From London Jail

Jailed former Delta State governor, Chief James Ibori, would have been deported to Nigeria in March, but for his much delayed and severally adjourned confiscation of assets hearing , his lead defence counsel, Ivan Krolick and Crown Prosecutor, Jonathan Kinnear revealed at the Southwark Crown court on Thursday.

Continuing during the preliminary confiscation of assets hearing attended by Ibori’s family members and well wishers, Kinnear added: “ I have made enquiries from the Home Office , and he will not be released under any circumstances before December.” Throwing more light on why the former governor is still being held in Her Majesty’s prison, Krolick , before responding to the judge”s query as to whether the former governor will want to give evidence when the much adjourned and long overdue heating starts on June 6, said he needed to make a clarification on what the prosecutor had told the court . “As a foreign prisoner, he would have been removed and deported in March,” but lamented that although “he was approved for early removal, but that chance is gone now .”
Krolick later accused the Crown Prosecution Service, of “manipulating the judiciary – process to get Ibori to plead guilty to something he didn’t agree to.” When the judge asked: “ I want to know in which direction we are going in relation to this case,” Krolick replied, “ Mr Ibori has a strong case of abuse of process .”
Krolick , who , on standing to address the court said he would rather describe his submission as a dialogue with the judge, said, “ your Honour, we are effectively attacking the integrity of the prosecution .”

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