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Thursday, May 5, 2016

EFCC Places Oil Baron, Jide Omokore’s Wife, Angela Under Surveillance As Investigation Into Hubby’s Ill Gotten Wealth Rages On

Fame is alluring. Money is tempting. Glamour is fascinating and Angela Ebagua-Omokore basks in the hub of these guilty pleasures. The wife of oil magnate, Jide Omokore, has got the glamour habit and no degree of bad press would sully her enviable reputation.

Until her husband became a person of interest to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Angela’s passion for expensive necklaces and trinkets sparkled like a blazing ember, bright as the sun, and glittering like super-charged neon light. But soon after the EFCC swooped on her husband and recovered a staggering N407 million (£1.4 million) worth of jewelry from their residence, not a few people have begun to wonder if Angela’s obsessive love for expensive jewelry would continue to fluorish or die.

The Executive Director, Wealth Management, of Access Bank watched wistfully as her husband was forced to cede the jewelry to the EFCC. The anti-graft agency recovered the jewelry from their residence during a raid in Lagos. However, sources close to the Omokores revealed that the seized jewelry hardly matters to the Access Bank director and her husband. According to them, there is more where that came from.

It would be recalled that when Omokore married Angela as his trophy wife and second wife, the Lagos high society buzzed with speculations about the billionaire oil magnate’s capacity to keep her given her high tastes and lust for expensive jewelry. Angela is undoubtedly a big spender. During the immediate past administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan, her husband’s closeness to Jonathan and the country’s former Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Alison-Madueke, accorded her certain benefits including easy access to private jets, exclusive parties and guilty pleasures. But immediately Jonathan and the PDP got booted from the country’s power corridors, Angela and her husband lost access to the several perks that they enjoyed.

Few months ago, the EFCC seized Angela’s international passport alongside her hubby’s while investigating the latter over some controversial fund transfer.

However, El Rufal, the governor of Kaduna state, detests Jide Omokore. A lot of people might not know, but the diminutive governor and Omokore have a no-love-lost relationship that dates back to many years. Indeed, many years is a lifetime to be enemies, but these men might have inwardly sworn to remain so for the remainder of their delightful and sensational existences.

What is infinitely confounding about both men is their bothersome capacity to treat each other with loathing and contempt. Findings revealed that el Rufal does not like Jide’s gut at all and the latter equally despises him. Both men can’t stand each other to the chagrin of their friends and associates who have tried severally to intervene and resolve the differences between both men. But what could have set both men against each other? Could it be women, money, power or an abject case of hideous pride?


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