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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Kwara State Commissioner For Education, Musa Yeketi Buys Hummer School Bus For N100k!

The Kwara state Commissioner for Education and Human Capital Development Alhaji Musa Yeketi has bought a hummer School bus belonging to a government secondary school under his supervision at a giveaway price.

OrijoReporter learnt that the hummer was donated to Okelele Secondary School Ilorin by the administration of Dr. Bukola Saraki. Over time, it developed a brain box problems and was abandoned in the school premises.
It later caught the attention of Commissioner for Education and Human Capital Development, Alhaji Musa Yeketi. And he bought the bus having approached the school with an offer of about a hundred thousand naira.
According to findings, the market price of a brand new hummer bus is around N5m.
OrijoReporter was told that the principal simply identified as Mallam Saka was not favourably disposed to the transaction. He fought against it but succumbed following report reaching him.
It was said that the principal heard it from good authority that Alhaji Yeketi threatened to sanction him if he continued to prove stubborn.
OrijoReporter gathered that before the bus was sold to the commissioner, on several occasions, Mallam Saka had complained loudly that the consistent borrowing of the bus by ministry of education was damaging the vehicle.
Sources said several times, the education ministry wrote to the school to lend its bus to staff of the ministry for both official and non-official assignments within and outside the state.
It would be recalled that Okelele Secondary School was one of the four comprehensive schools renovated during Dr. Bukola Saraki’s eight years administration. Others were Government Secondary School, Bishop Smith Memorial College, and Government High School, all in Ilorin metropolis.

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