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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sons Indicted As Bank Moves To Take Over Ugbo Monarch Obateru Akinruntan’s Abuja Mall Over Huge Debt

Things are not going well with the King of Ugbo kingdom, Oba Obateru Akinruntan’s business conglomerate.

While the oil and gas aspect of the business is struggling for breath with the AMCON, sources say banks are already threatening fire and brimstone to take over the business mogul’s property concern in Abuja.

Already, the shopping mall in Abuja is as good as being taken over by Ecobank over a huge debt hanging on the company’s neck.

While many are asking how it all went so bad for the company, fingers are being pointed to the King’s kids that prodigally ran the companies while the old man went to lead his kingdom as a traditional ruler

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