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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Femi Otedola’s Daughters, Temi & Ife’s Hidden Lifestyle Of Excesses & Attendant Attractions Unveiled,Plus Pictures That Tell The Story!

Interesting insight into the lifestyle of Temi and Ife, the daughters of money man, Femi Otedola just surfaced.

Here are the details

The CEO of Forte oil and one Of Nigeria’s billionaires, Femi Otedola might have successfully imprinted his feet in the sands of time as far as wealth and business are concerned, but if feelers reaching us about the hard working merchant can be dwelled upon, he might just be in for an unpleasant shock if care is not taken.

We exclusively gathered that the youngest daughter of the Forbes’ rated billionaire oil baron, Temi Otedola who schools and lives in the UK is living a life that portrays recklessness all the way. The insider revealed that the young lady who just clocked nineteenth today is going down the immoral lane in fast steps; “the kind of lifestyle Temi lives at her age is alarming though she is a very ambitious and intelligent girl” our concerned source said.

 Beautiful Temi who recently launched a fashion blog called JTO as an expression of her fashion, art and photography adventures to various destinations including Paris, New York and Milan allegedly lives a life that belies her young age, chain smoking amongst other vices; “if it can be smoked, Temi can smoke it, although she has a preference for the tougher stuffs, cigarette is below her” an insider revealed.

It was even revealed that there are reasons to believe that the fashion blogger is a lesbian; however, National Enquirer quickly dismissed this as it was unfounded and totally unbelievable of the pretty girl.

According to our source, the reason for the young lady’s alleged recklessness can be traced to lack of proper parental guidance and influence; “how can a young impressionable girl of fifteen live alone abroad?” the source queried.

“The family lives like kings and Queens with little regard for morals and this is largely their father’s fault. He has exposed them unduly to an extravagant life that involves boat cruise, jet cruise, partying and alcohol! Every member of that family drinks like a fish!” our source slammed.

We further gathered that Temi’s 22 years old elder sister, Ife Florence popularly known as DJ Cuppy who is a fast rising disc jockey in the country is not innocent either. The talented and stunning DJ we learnt graduated from King’s College London and she’s presently doing her Masters in New York where she recently acquired a posh apartment in Manhattan precisely around December last year, 2014 courtesy of her dad; “she also plies the reckless path, she drinks Moet and Chandon like water. In fact she has a special dispenser of the alcohol permanently in her apartment” our grapevine quipped.

“The businessman probably spared the rod too much and this now reflects on the children, it is however not too late to bring them back on line before everything is destroyed and the fame and name that have been built over decades are soiled” a concerned source concluded.

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