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Friday, March 20, 2015

President Jonathan Campaigner, Femi Fanikayode’s New Lover, Precious Chikwende Moves Into His Abuja Home With Mother & Brother As Legal Wife, Regina Spoils For Battle!

A major battle is about to take place at the home front of Presidential campaigner, Femi Fani Kayode.

His legal wife and new mistress appear set for a major show down.

Here are the details

Femi Fani-Kayode is an unusual man; he epitomises an oddity of sort. On his best day, he commands the passing tribute of a jeer, on his worst, he elicits contempt and vitriol as a human cesspit attracts ceaseless streams of spittle and nausea.
But that is simply one way to look at Fani-Kayode; it would be interesting to know what thoughts he arouses in the women in his life. Bianca Ojukwu would definitely have a thing or two to say about him. Forget Bianca, the former beauty queen and widow to late Biafran warlord, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, is undoubtedly struggling to forget the bitter and highly embarrassing encounter she suffered when Fani-Kayode recently impugned her womanhood and character in his infamous 'kiss-and-tell' fit about Igbo women.

To a past lover of the former aviation minister and director of President Goodluck Jonathan's re-election campaign, Fani-Kayode is the type of man that venerates a petticoat and g-string above native wisdom and tact required of a man of his ilk. According to her, Fani-Kayode delights in juvenile lust to the detriment of even his most treasured relationships, that is why he experiences no scruples ditching any lover, no matter what value the woman has added to his life.

This is no doubt a fair assessment of the former aviation minister as he is on the verge of ditching Regina, his Ghana-based wife, for would-be wife number four, Precious Chikwendu.
Before his marriage to his First Wife, Saratu Attah, he was in a relationship with Bianca whom he met in London during her A-levels. The relationship yielded no fruit as he cheated on Bianca with Saratu Attah whom he impregnated and later got married to in 1987.
His marriage with Saratu Attah, the daughter of the former second republic governor of Kwara State produced a baby girl, Folake, who is now an attorney in a United Kingdom (U.K) firm. Saratu relocated to Ghana after her messy divorce with Fani-Kayode.

Then he met Yemisi Adeniji, who he got married to in 1990. His marriage with Yemisi was stormy and mired in  a lot of issues. Although Yemisi bore him three pretty girls: Temitope, Tobiloba and Atuminu, the marriage which he described as “unpleasant and bitter” ended in 1993.Fani-Kayode subsequently admitted that “put her through hell with his strange behavior, strange habits and strange ways.”Yemisi Adeniji moved on and got married to soft-spoken Dahiru Wada, whom she bore two boys and just recently, her first daughter, Temitope, got engaged to Jaiye Bashorun, J.K Randle’s son.

When his second marriage hit the rocks, he met another beauty in Ghana in 1993, Regina Patience Amonoo, who he dated for a while and later got married to in 1997.He regards Regina as his ‘real wife’ because of the role she played in his life. According to him, Regina stood by him through thick and thin. But his excessive philandering nature did not allow him concentrate on his “real wife”.

While he was a minister, he was involved with a lady called Chioma Anasoh. Investigations revealed that luck smiled on Chioma when she met Fani-Kayode, no sooner than she met him than her life changed. The erstwhile anonymous lady started living the charmed life of a princess; she acquired choice properties in London, Lekki and Dubai on Fani-Kayode's bill. So smitten was Chioma by Fani-Kayode that she allegedly tattooed the minister’s initials, FFK, on a sensitive part of her mammary gland. Chioma was so infatuated with him that she desperately sought to marry him but the lawyer-turned politician rejected her.

While he was married to Regina, he was also involved with a young lady who just finished from the University of Lagos (UNILAG). The lady's name was Vivian Agbaza. He met Vivian in Lagos and later asked her to move in with him in his Abuja home. Just like every other opportunist, Vivian jumped at the offer and moved in with him. FFK lived with her for many years. He sponsored her Master’s Degree in U.K. But the glutton in her made her demand for more as if FFK was her ATM. But when he went broke and couldn’t meet up with her needs again, they fought and ended the relationship on a messy note.

 Eventually, Fani-Kayode leaked nude picture of her online with the caption “Lessons for today- buy fresh pampers for your shitting father and stop trying to teach your elders and betters any life lessons. A pig with lipstick is still a pig.”While all these happened, Regina, who is based in Ghana prayed for him to be released from bondage as she believed he was under a spell. Even in his broke state, Regina forgave him and stood by him through the most difficult times with her adopted daughter, Oluwaremilekun, and Femi also promised never to leave her except she says otherwise.

Recently, Fani-Kayode, like a randy cock, has been chasing after Precious Chikwendu who he met few weeks ago on Facebook. Predictably, he has forgotten his promise to Regina as he has relapsed into his randy-cock mode again. Precious has moved into Fani-Kayode’s Abuja home with her mum and brother. The latter is a beneficiary of a plum job from Fani-Kayode who is planning to marry his sister as you read.

It can be recalled that Fani-Kayode who was severely broke last year enjoyed a reprieve from poverty with his appointment as the Director of Media and Publicity for President Jonathan’s re-election. Since he chanced on loose cash courtesy the presidential campaign fund, Fani-Kayode has been spending lavishly and spoiling his new belle with expensive treats. He has forgotten his wife, Regina, who stood by him when he had no penny.However, Regina who appears to be shocked at her husband's recent antics, has threatened to deal with him; she has ordered Precious and her family to leave her husband alone and park her things out of her home.Perhaps Fani-Kayode would hearken to the voice of reason and honour his pledge to Regina, his faithful wife lest he is forced to learn in a harsh, bitter way that the delight of lust is gross and brief and weariness treads on desire


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