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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Beware! These Are How You Know Your Phone Is Being Monitored.

Almost everyone is using a smartphone in Nigeria. What many of these smartphone users don’t know is if their phones are being tapped or not. If you don’t know, there are a number of reasons your phone can be tracked.
One reason is when you
are in a relationship where there is a clear absence of trust. Then, your partner may result to tapping or bugging your phone. Besides that, a government agency may bug your phone just to listen to your conversation. In this case, it is for security reasons.
Whatever the case may be, it is key to know if your smartphone has been bugged. According to Jumia Travel, there are five ways to tell:
1.     Your phone takes time to shut down
If your phone takes forever to shut down, it may be a pointer that it has been compromised. You will notice that when your phone eventually goes off, the backlight will still be on. This may likely mean that your phone is in control of whoever has bugged it. So, whether you switch off or not, it will be difficult to get rid of them.
2.     Increased data usage
It will definitely be difficult for a smartphone without Internet connection to be tapped. You may surf your phone every second daily, but you already know that you cannot exhaust your data at a go. Thankfully, most phones will alert you if you are using too much data. But if the data traffic is unusually high, and your phone keeps alerting you, you should be concerned.
3.     You find apps you didn’t download
There are thousands of useful apps that you can download in either the Google Play Store or Apple’s Store. These are largely safe. In other circumstances, you may find an app you didn’t download, which finds its way to your phone. It is one of the coy ways to bug your phone. You should try as much as possible not to open such an app.
4.     Low battery life
A battery is the heart of any of phone. A phone cannot function without a battery. If your battery runs out not long after charging it or it is very hot, it may be a sign that something is wrong. You should take note of this because the process of tapping your phone can easily drain your battery.
5.     You receive unusual text messages
You may receive a random text message from an unfamiliar source and many of us tend to ignore it. These messages, which you may ignore, arguably, means that someone is monitoring (or about to start) your messages or phone. You should delete the message immediately you notice it.


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