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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Why Senate President Bukola Saraki’s In Law Yomi Ogunsola Is Feared By Many In And Out Of Politics Kwara State

In Kwara, very few men are sacred to the state. Very few men are sanctified by the political upper-class like Yomi Ogunsola. The latter dazzles like emerald atop a crypt of gold. His visions and exertions are laced with sparkles thus emitting a blaze that captivates like colourful neon lights.
In Kwara State, Yomi is definitely the man to beat. Married to Ronke, Senate President, Bukola Saraki’s half-sister, he is so powerful and influential in the affairs of the state that too many rich, powerful people kowtow to him.

Perhaps it’s because he is very close to the state governor or simply because he keeps the latter’s money for him and manages his investments that Yomi has attained the status of a political cult hero in Kwara; whatever the case, every politician worth his salt in Kwara state understands the wisdom of bowing before the Senate President’s brother-in-law. Not even the incumbent governor, Abdulfatah Ahmed dare lock horns with him.
So influential is he that Governor Ahmed grants all of his wishes, according to very close sources to the State House.

Yomi is indeed an institution on his own. Besides his intimidating wealth and fluorishing reputation, he constitutes a formidable force in Kwars state. Having attained great wealth and eminence by his relationship with the Sarakis and Governor Ahmed, with dedication and cleverness, he entrenched himself in government and the socioeconomic and political systems of Kwara state.
Today, Yomi flaunts a political and social system of his own to which everyone kowtows. He has the capacity to exert considerable influence or pressure on virtually every political titan in the state with interesting results.

Little wonder he enjoys the best of a charmed life. Recently, he acquired a property on the prestigious and highly exclusive Banana Island, Lagos while his business and political interests fluorish with amazing results.
Yomi’s influence no doubt extends beyond the privilege of most powerbrokers and political titans, he owns impressive political and capital projects as well as residences and property in the most exclusive neighbourhoods at home and elsewhere


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