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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Enuge GOV, Sullivan Chime Impregnates Mistress, As Heart Broken Wife Clara Refuses To Return Home

 The matrimonial hiccups afflicting the first family of Enugu state, the Chimes have taken a degenerated turn.

Sources confirm an added dimension of an alleged mistress expecting a baby for the governor has joined the equation.

The salacious details are
reproduced as sourced.

'As Enugu state gears up for a near landmark electoral exercise in the coming 2015 political round, the intrigues surrounding the would-be political candidates and shot callers have begun to clarify themselves gradually into the public arena.  This is following a recent public declaration by a famous and controversial Christian minister in Enugu, Reverend Mbaka that political leadership ought not to be handed to persons with unstable homes and/or are unmarried or unable to keep their wives. According to Information recently made available, the Christian minister had made the pronouncement based on new information concerning the State governor of Enugu, Sullivan Chime and his latest sex romp with nearby University students and the resultant effect on his wife’s refusal to return home.

As a caveat, the current [2nd wife] wife to the Governor, Clara Chime, who was married to the governor as recent as 7 years ago – moved out of the resident of her husband in a forceful manner against the wishes of the governor – after having been held against her wishes for months. Mrs. Clara Chime’s effort to leave the resident had to do with her husband promiscuity and careless sex romps with her relatives and students of nearby tertiary institutions.  Particularly, the governor’s romantic engagement with the younger sister of the wife – and the impregnation of the sister – pushed Mrs. Clara Chime over the cliff. She could not handle it emotionally – and thus had a physiological breakdown – that required medical attention.

Following Mrs. Clara Chime’s exit from the government house and her government house, she relocated to the federal capital, Abuja away from the grips of her husband or his influence. Having relocated to Abuja, the government house and its occupant was left alone unhindered against the many ‘gifts’ that are brought to the government house courtesy of the

numerous aides of the governor from the nearby tertiary institutions in Enugu or from Anambra State [Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka]. Typically, selected and trusted aides to the governor are set out to the many campuses of Enugu State universities to scout for potential bedmates for the governor. The aides usually return with up to four [4] girls who are believed to fit the governors specifications – large breasts, slim and tall. This task is carried out on a nightly basis – when the governor is present in the state.

The First lady’s absence, according to a competent source in Enugu government house, exacerbated the daily ‘runs’ practice to a near daily fiesta – with some of the ‘runs’ girls staying back at the government house/lounge for days and sometimes weeks before returning to their hostels or homes.

According to our source, the governor appears to have fallen for one of the ‘runs’ girl. The girl is said to be an indigene of Opi in Nsukka, Enugu State. Her exact age is not certain but she is believed to be in her early 20s. A student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Awka, Anambra. She is not from a wealthy family. She has been sighted at the residence of the Enugu State governor severally – and has occupied a room inside the complex. The room is said to have been reserved for her – even when she is not around – the room remains locked until she arrives. Latest indications are that she has taken in for the governor – and the governor has instructed she keep the baby.  Credible but unverified sources indicate that the governor has begun to erect a fitting home for the girl inside the heart of Enugu capital – to enable her deliver the baby in comfort and befitting atmosphere – hidden from preying eyes.

The information of the latest incident of impregnating his mistresses is said to have flitered back to the First lady in Abuja. This is according competent sources who also indicated that the First lady was not receiving the news ‘happily’. “She was not herself for days” said one of the sources who went on to add that this development comes after the Governor had been pleading with the First lady to return to her home to help the governor conduct his Senatorial bid in the coming 2015 elections. The source indicated that it may be highly unlikely that the first lady will honor the governor’s appeal to her under these new circumstances.

Source: 247UReports

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