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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ifeanyi Ubah Back On The Front Burner In Alleged Romance, Fund Diversion With Co Transformation Agenda Camapigns Convener, Yeye Bola Are.

Ifeanyi Uba, the suddenly of the eye businessman and politician is back on the front burner.

And this is thanks to the waves of alleged romance and fund diversion with co transformation agenda convener, Yeye Bola Are that he is cresting.

Here are the details

'Pro-Goodluck Jonathan group, Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria is at the moment been rocked with a pile of monumental sexual allegations that involves the convener, Chairman of Capital Oil, Ifeanyi Ubah and Abuja society woman, Yeye Bola Dare.

Ubah’s ownership of TAN is claimed to be a top secret among top members of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as he was advised to operate under the shadow based on public perception and some scandals he has had in the past.
Insiders revealed that Ubah’s idea to run an independent campaign to support President Jonathan’s re-election is hinged n the purpose of placing himself at a vintage position if the President got elected in 2015.

The group’s massive operation was said to have attracted the First Lady, Patience Jonathan who gave an undisclosed amount to support the TAN.

The crisis that blew open Ifeanyi’s affair with TAN’s Publicity Director, Bola Dare stemmed from the woman’s high-handedness and her influence within the group which raised suspicions on how she got the post which many thought she wasn’t qualified for.

Insiders alleged that the woman is always in the habit of short-charging the vendors they use at events and also inflates the expendable costs.

An incident played out during TAN’s campaign in Ibadan where the woman was discovered to have inflated the cost of musicians and collected double of the charges from PDP chieftain, Kasham Buruji who single-handedly sponsored the Southwest campaign.

Bola Dare’s misdemeanour was said not to have escaped Ifeanyi as TAN’s officers always report to him before it eventually dawned on them that she was acting the script of the convener who is also her lover.
YeyeAmongKids.jpg.w560h401 ifeanyi ubah

Their dalliance is said to be a common knowledge among their friends who officially tag Bola Dare ‘Iyawo Ibo’.

Ifeanyi on his part is claimed to be using her as a front for many things he cannot ordinarily get from the corridor of power.

A source revealed that their affair amongst friends is seen as that of a puppet and the puppeteer, judging from the knowledge that Bola Dare is no match for Ifeanyi’s wit and street intelligence.

Bola Dare has always been at the centre of social activities. The woman who adorns white attires is a high profile woman in Abuja who penetrates the people in government through an orphanage she runs, a project she dumped immediately she met Ifeanyi who revealed his agenda to largely benefit from the President’s second term and invited her to tag along.

Bola Dare’s decision to operate solely within the circle of her friends in Abuja was the result of an ugly experience in Ibadan where she was publicly disgraced by the wife of the late Ibadan politician, Alhaji Adedibu, Bose.

Both women were said to have contested over a sitting space which Bose Adedibu felt was an insult and ordered her boys to remove Bola Dare’s headgear and cut her hair into pieces.

The embarrassment was said to have thrown her into social confinement and she regained her groove after she met Ubah.

Ubah is also not a stranger to controversies. He has made headlines in the past with the financial crisis that rocked his oil company, Capital Oil, his fight with Coscharis boss, Cosmas Maduka and a strong allegation that borders on his knowledge about the paternity of the child of his sister in-law.

When Paper Mache reached Ifeanyi Ubah to comment on his ownership of TAN and his affair with Bola Dare, his mild response was ‘funny’ which he conveyed via a text message.

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