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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Presidential Aide, Kingsley Kuku's 2nd Wife, Tombra Delivers Baby, As Heavily Pregnant 1st Wife, Chika Prepares To Birth Another Child.

For embattled Presidential aide, Kingsley Kuku - that's with allegations of financial misappropriation as regards handling of Niger Delta militant rehabilitation fund against his person - it's case of one joyous occurrence tidied and another to go.

His second wife just delivered a baby girl- and the first wife set to deliver another baby very soon as well.

Here is how the capital reports the development.

'Like the fabled goddess of verges whose tenderness fostered lush and supple harvests, he has sown seeds and nurtured them to fruition. Now the hour has arrived for him to reap bountifully from his efforts. Some days ago, Kingsley and his second wife, Tombra welcomed to his palatial mansion in London, a beautiful baby girl. Mother and baby are said to be in good condition. Prior to her delivery, her husband, Kingsley who is first wife, Chika, who is also pregnant, had been duly ecstatic about his forthcoming child from his sweetheart. And with this new addition to their family, it is expected that they will embark on a more blissful sojourn along the stormy terrain of matrimony.

Contrary to insidious speculation that her marriage to Kingsley would not survive the ravages of fame and celebrity lure, Tombra navigates the tumultuous terrains of matrimony with towering confidence and a gait that bespeaks an inviolate inner peace and contentment – which makes her a sight for sore eyes amidst the banalities of everyday turbulent matrimony. Vintage Tombra: even in her very pregnant state, she easily passes as an alpha model exuding a fantastic radiance that dwarfs even the shine of the most celebrated runway queens'

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