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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lagos Gov, Babatunde Fashola’s Uncle, Kayode Fashola In Wife Battering Mess.

Kayode Fashola, disclosed as the uncle of the governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Raji Fashola is in a bit of mess at present.

Details and pictures of how he severly battered his wife, Yejide has surfaced.

And it is fast making the rounds along with alleged bragging by the assailant  nothing would come out of the growing public furore over the development.

Here are the details

Her name is Fadhilat Yejide Badmus Rachel; the man beside her is her husband, Alhaji kayode Fashola, popularly known as Uncle K, he is said to be the uncle to the present Governor of Lagos State Babatunde Raji Fashola. He was alleged to have done this to her. This was recorded as the highest level of domestic violence between a man and his wife. According to reliable sources uncle K as he is fondly called; presently boast that he is above the law in Lagos, that no one can touch him as he enjoys his brother’s immunity clause.

The victim, Yejide in a sorrowful mood wrote and send to social media with her nearly mutilated body; “Am sure majority of you would be wondering what's all these talk of domestic violence all about? Lots of you are going through it right now, some had been through it before, while some will go through it sooner than later. I had been in it for three solid years of serious battering and assault but I stayed there because of African mentality that women endure all kinds of hardship in any relationship but guess what? Domestic violence is not one of it. Kept it all bottled inside of me, taking the Shit, but had to take a walk and bow when I saw the gate of heaven.

 Don't be deceived or floored by any man/woman’s behavior, we humans are the most complicated creatures to understand, it has nothing to do with age or exposure, you will be surprised that the older they are the more animalistic their behavior. Please I am not ashamed sharing these with you all because I never can say whose life am saving at the moment, you back biting assholes, please go ahead and make fun but am not bothered because, what you all are facing in your matrimonial home or relationship is worse off what anybody or I had.

 Got engaged to a 65yr old man, thinking the older the better, older men take care of younger ladies and vice versa but alas it's all lies, this elderly man is not what he made me think he was, instead he's nothing but animal, below is my picture of one of his assault, I call it MAJOR MASSACRE " because I was beaten from 12pm midnight till 5am in the morning with no one to help but almighty Allah that says it's not yet time for me to die. He went Scott free because there's absolutely nothing I can do, because of the name he carries, “NAME" That's another thing we ladies should be careful of, after these incident, I stayed in the relationship for another one year plus, even stick by him when he had close shave with death when robbers attacked him and had serious broken limb, I was in the hospital with him for 9 solid months, lost my kid brother in between his crises (Badmus Oriyomi of blessed memory).

Both home and abroad, you would think the assault would stop with his condition? Nope, instead he took advantage of his cripple nature to assault me more and went ahead to call British police (crying pathetically) that I maltreated him cause he's a disabled patient. After stabbing me in my jaw with wine opener, that was when I made up my mind that if I don't quit then I will be dead sooner than later. Am out of the relationship happier and back to be my old self, am back to the good old Yejide Badmus that everybody knows, the jolly good girl that love life too much to sacrifice for any one, please if you are going through such thing, am begging you to please take a walk now before its too late, loads of people are dead right now while some are maimed for life, am maimed too but won't let it disturb my joy or happiness in life.

Don't think about the goodies he/ she might be offering, guess what? You can do better for yourself than you think if you are not the lazy type that believe his/ her survival depend on human rather than God and hard work. Please am sharing these not because I need anybody's pity, nope, I don't need it because am very okay and am sharing these so that you all too can learn. No relationship is do or die, guess what? After sending the bastard and loser packing from my very own rented apartment, after standing up to his assault this time around and beaten him blue black, he went about justifying himself that he went to soothsayers and was told I was responsible for his crippleness, so he took a walk. Please ladies and gentlemen, here's a lesson for us to learn from, you women / man beater, stop before it’s too late. Hope I am able to save a life today if not lives”


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