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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lawmakers Publicly Disgraced Over Poor Performance, Rushed Out Of Meeting With Constituents

Two lawmakers recently suffered public humiliation for poor performance.

The treatment was meted out by members of their constituents.

Here are the details

National Assembly member representing Gummi/Bukkuyum at the Federal House of Representative Alh Muazu Lawal and his counterpart representing Gummi II at the State House of Assembly Hashimu Gazura suffered their own shares of political humiliation when the people of their constituencies expressed their anger over their failed representation at their various points of national and state legislation. 

Muazu BirninTudu was elected to the lower chambers of the national assembly in 2011 and his effort to find his way back to the lower chamber after gaining the APC ticket is faced with serious resistance. 

People from his Gummi/Bukkuyum constituency have been very provocative of his choice as the APC candidate especially when one considered the popularity of his party in the area. 

When he accompanied APC Council campaign team to Falale, a ward in Gummi, some party supporters rejected him and attempted to embarrass him before he was rushed out of the village. 

One of the APC loyalists in Gummi, Mallam Hassan Bello said, the lawmaker faces similar rejection in almost all the wards visited by the APC Local government campaign team.

On the state legislature Hashimu Gazura, a source at Gamo ward Mallam Ibrahim told news men that 
the lawmaker was manhandled by the people of Gamo who described his representation at the state house of assembly as "regretful ".

On the general analysis of the party, Mallam Hassan Bello told news men that, APC is the winning party in Gummi and Bukkuyum but people are so angry with the poor performance of the two legislatures even though they cannot reject their nomination by the Governor. 

He specifically told news men that, since their elections in 2011 the duo have never takes interest to visit a single ward to interact with the locals neither provides any significant projects to the people.

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