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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Silver Spoon Kids Embrace ‘Sophisticated’ Prostitution As Economic Situation Upsets Status.

Silver spoon kids having it hard to sustain their status have embraced easy way out – sophisticated prostitution.

And their trade grounds are upscale fun place, shopping mart and
venues those with extra cash are liable to ply.

Here are the details

Harsh economic woes have a way of impacting on the social lifestyle of its citizens. While others buckle up and frontally face the challenges; others give in at the mere sound of impending loom. The latter seems to be the case for many silver spoon kids who have devised amoral means to float as the economic crises occasioned by the falling standard of Naira start to take its toll on them.

Most affected are young ladies of rich (or formerly well to do) families school abroad. With hard-biting economic woes faced by Nigeria as a result of dwindling oil prices and naira fall in global market, parents’ ability to finance their wards has nosedived, as upkeep allowances have either been cut down considerably or are no more forthcoming. While the male wards have embraced menial jobs to cope with the situation, the female folks have resorted to selling their bodies in return for hard currency to keep up with their hitherto luxury living.

From Dubai to Dagenham, Malaysia to Miami, and everywhere else in between, many silver spoon kids who used to make the society scene bend to their whims and wills, whose presence and carryings-on evoke anger at one’s poor parents, have found prostitution the easier route to making ends meet as funds seem to have dried up from their otherwise wealthy parents. That is why you see them lurking in lounges and night clubs, keeping to themselves but clinically scrutinizing patrons to discern the loaded ones to go home with.

Narrating his experience with a silver-spoon kid whose father fell on bad times after he was fingered in the fuel subsidy scam, Wole, a Lagos big boy explained that “disguised prostitution” has been embraced as the newest stock in trade of silver spoon kids in the UK. Wole explained how he went to catch some fun during his latest visit to London two weeks ago at a night club named DollHouse, and ended up with a Nigerian lady whose father was a player in the oil sector. In less than 20 minutes after settling down in a couch, he was approached by the pretty lady, perhaps in her very early twenties, who asked to keep him company. Wole decoded the message fast and they got negotiating. Wole had a ‘field night’ but not until after he had parted away with £550 pound to satisfy his libidinous desire. He explained he would not have paid that much but he had compassion on the lady after she narrated her ordeal to him.

Wole would not have bought into the lady’s tales but he saw pictorial evidence on the lady’s phone. “I saw her pictures with her father and the good times the whole family shared together.  I saw her mom, and brothers. I was like, ‘This man was supposed to be one of the richest in Nigeria’ Bro, I fear,” Wole narrated.

Wole also discovered that the girl he had just laid was a final year student of London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She told Wole she was not a prostitute but she needed the money badly for personal needs. Moved by her plight, Wole added £200 pound to what he was originally billed to pay (£350), and advised that she quit the trade. She and Wole have since been friends.

Boboye is a clubbing freak doing well in properties business in Manchester. He narrated his encounter with a certain lady called Tamilore…

Tamilore commands attention with her personality. The exquisite gait of the young lady places her among the naturally blessed beauties. Her almost impeccable British accent speaks volume about where was coming from. She was run into at one of the popular night clubs patronised by Africans in Manchester. Her dressing was apt enough for night clubbing; scantily clad but much was left for imagination as one could see only a 'paltry' portion of her cleavage. A conversation ensued, and Tami (as she wanted her addressed) became friendly. Having established she had not come to the club with any man, she was approached and invited into the VIP section of the club. One thing led to the other and we made our way to a hotel on the same street, where the night was passed.

Curiosity took the better part of me when I overheard her exchange some funny communications with some of her friends at intervals throughout the night. She was taken up on sundry issues; she answered some, others she ignored. One of the revelations of the night was that she was introduced to prostitution few weeks back by her friends, who had called to check on her during the night.

Tami cited finance as her reason for taking up the trade. She said her monthly allowance from her parents used to be £1,500 monthly, which has been slashed to £500, and even that has not been coming frequently. She confessed she had to take to her friends’ advice to be able to live up to her expensive lifestyle in Manchester where she is schooling. “It is competitive and cold out there. One needs to keep up or get frozen out,” she said.

The above stated cases are the only two willing to narrate their ordeal; tens of them embrace prostitution under disguised identity in order not to strike the chord of recognition. Unlike the average street girls, these silver-spoon kids turned prostitutes are less obtrusive and classier; they are bringing a new refinement into the trade. This unwholesome trend has not gone unnoticed albeit. And the reasons differ. Many posit that the systemic collapse of the Nigerian economy leading to the astronomic rise of foreign exchange have done many parents in, thereby drying up remittances to their wards abroad. The spin-off of this was that the kids started selling off their paraphernalia to make ends meet. And when that also did not solve anything, they resorted to prostitution. Thus, when you are abroad next time, don’t be surprised that the young, well-spoken lady you are humping and bumping may be the daughter of the millionaire industrialist from your state

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