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Monday, February 16, 2015

Oil Moguls, Igho Sanomi, Ben Peters, Tonye Cole, ABC Orjiakor, Haruna Momoh Fingered In Underground Deals To Postpone Elections Again!

Latest Information revealed oil moguls benefiting from the present administration are on the move to safe guard their interests

Here are the details

 As the nation inches closer to the new dates of the elections, an intriguing plot manifests in the oil and gas sector. President Goodluck Jonathan and his inner circle have begun new moves to jettison elections altogether, hoping that members of the National Assembly will agree to postpone polls once again and instead settle for a so-called interim national government, according to information received from several sources, one of them embedded in the Presidency in Abuja.

The likes of Ben Peters of Aiteo, Igho Sanomi of Taleveras, Tonye Cole of Sahara, Jide Omokore of SPOG,  ABC Orjiakor of Seplat and Haruna Momoh of PPMC, Wale Tinubu of Oando have thrown their weight behind the postponement of the next general election once again. And whilst Nigerians are groaning under a crushing economic climate not helped by dwindling oil revenue, these young men have been revealed as being part of the reprehensible oil subsidy cartel plundering the nation’s wealth and plunging Nigerians into gritting agony.  These oil boys have vowed to do everything within their power to make sure Buhari doesn’t become the president. In order not to expose the several shady business deals they masterminded with the minister of petroleum.

Many of the illicit deals were allegedly executed in connivance with Diezani, who assisted them to lift crude oil for many years. Several of the oil deals, it was revealed, were conducted illegitimately. Ms. Alison-Madueke was reported to be a hawkish pusher of the idea, with one of our sources adding that the Petroleum Minister was extremely anxious about the prospect of a Buhari Presidency exposing her numerous shady deals in the oil sector through which she and a few players selected by her have drained billions of dollars of oil revenues into their private holdings.

Ms. Alison-Madueke has assured the group that some officials of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) as well as several big-time beneficiaries of oil sector deals, including importers of refined fuel, were committed to the plan and willing to provide slush funds to pay a bribe of $2 million dollars to each senator and $1 million to key members of the House of Representatives to persuade them to endorse the plot to derail elections permanently and install an interim national government. The president is working through officials of the NNPC to fund the massive bribe scheme.

Mr. Jonathan’s henchmen have begun discussions with some members of the National Assembly as the legislative body prepares to resume another legislative session in Abuja next week.


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