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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Aliko Dangote, Tunde Ayeni Wrestle To Take over Big Money Project, Eko Atlantic City

Money men are wrestling for a big prize- owner ship of rich man's city, Eko Atlantic.

And topping the list of contenders are Aliko Dangote and Tunde Ayeni.

Here are the details.

Eden is a dream but if you wish to feel that heady swell of ecstasy that results from dwelling in an earthly version of the fabled paradise, you should probably get an apartment or block of flats in highbrow Eko Atlantic City.

Living in the city is like having the Suez Canal flowing through your living room; the effect is awesome and eternally blissful. The Eko Atlantic project is a beautifully planned city built on the Atlantic ocean and with a dynamic view of the deep.

Situated in Victoria Island, (VI) Lagos, the city offers living quarters and tastefully built blocks of office buildings; with its tree-lined boulevards, waterways, manicured gardens, elegant plazas, three marinas and a stunning ocean front promenade, the new city will be a complete contrast to the congested, traffic-filled streets of Lagos.
The project is to be built on land that has been reclaimed from the sea. Further findings revealed that the project which has been on-going and on sale for years now is owned and operated by the Chagoury family.

So far, most of the early bidders are the country's rich and famous. They include: Tunde Ayeni, the Chairman of Skye Bank,  Aliko Dangote, a multi-business man, who has maintained his position on Forbes as one of Africa’s most wealthy magnates and many other men and women of affluence.

The land in the Eko Atlantic neighbourhood is far more expensive than the price of land in Ikoyi's most famous and exclusive estate: Banana Island.

Too many people in the modern world view luxury to be vainglorious, but to Tunde Ayeni, it’s the essence of charmed life. The top busniessman, projects a self-respecting taste for charming perquisites. It is the quality that distinguishes the man from both the minion and hackneyed aristocrat.

An abiding taste for the chic and prestigious informs his fascination for choice properties on Eko Atlantic, a billionaire haven on one of the world’s most expensive residential islands. Eko Atlantic is one of the most expensive real estate neighborhoods in the world sharing exclusivity with world renowned billionaires’ haven like Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan or La Jolla in San Diego, California, USA or even the 7th Arrondissement in Paris, France.


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