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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kola Aluko, Oil Baron On The Run For Mega Fraud Makes $30m Investment In U.S Film Company, Fable House

Fugitive oil baron, Kola Aluko just made a major investment even as he continues to evade investigators.

Here are the details

If you call Kola Aluko, the young Nigerian oil baron a serial entrepreneur, you will certainly not be wrong. The man is almost always looking for start-ups or solid companies to support and invariably expand his horizon.

The lover of fine and fast cars according to a report published in the influential Hollywood Reporter has just shelled out $30 million for a piece of Fable House, a start-up production company founded by Oscar-winning Actor, Adrien Brody. Sources revealed that the funds are to enhance production and development at the new outfit.

Apart from Aluko, the story says that Beijing Cultural Assets Chinese Film & Television Fund is investing $20 million at the company while Sparkle Roll Culture Media, a Chinese Production company owned 50% by Hong Kong Actor, Jackie Chan is also an investor in the project.

Fable House which was launched at the recent Cannes Film Festival is set up to produce English Language films for China and the international market. Brody will produce them, and will direct and star in some.

According to Brody, “Fable House will provide a doorway to imagination. This partnership will help bridge financial and cultural boundaries and allow us to make films that emphasize humanity and reach a global audience

“Our Objectives are simple: To make the kinds of films that don’t often get made, to play a larger role as storyteller and to help film makers with a unique vision to have a voice.

Speaking about the drive that led to the birth of the company, he stated “ I have produced several film projects and have long had aspirations to expand my vision; to produce. to direct and to develop meaningful material. I now have that opportunity and the ability to assist other creative individuals with their dreams.

Manhattan Noctourne is the first project that will be embarked on by Fable House. The Brian De Cubellis-directed adaptation of the Harrison novel will see Brody star alongside Yvonne Strahowski and Campbell Scott. The film will shoot late fall and will be sold at the Cannes next year.

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