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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Why Tax Man, Tunde Fowler& Best Friend Larry Adeniyi Are Bitterly Estranged!

Lagos state chief tax collector, Tunde Fowler and his best friend, Larry Adeniyi are bitter estranged.

Here are the reasons

Even bosom friends become best of fiends; in the name of profit. Oftentimes, thousands who could have overcome the darkness, for the love of a lousy buck become sworn enemies. Whatever reason is adduced for their fallout, it is the sweet simplicity of the three percents that has caused the bitter hatred between Tunde Fowler of LIRS and his best friend and partner, Larry Adeniyi. If recent reports are worth a smidgen of trust, then the chord holding the friendship between them may have given way.

Today, we gathered that the ‘partners’ have parted ways. Consequently, the bond that existed between them has snapped irredeemably. Thus is the story of two friends torn apart by sheer greed and utter disrespect for the sanctity of friendship. According to a source, Larry was involved in a dirty deal in LIRS and he couldn’t cover his tracks before it was exposed.

But pray, according to mischief-makers, Fowler was angry because Larry didn’t ‘settle’ him out of the money made from the deal. Fowler was upset and kicked Larry out of the organization.

Now, the simmering animosity between them is about to boil over, unless both of them rein in their venom and influence. Interestingly, Fowler saw in Larry a dependable ally and beyond counting naira in millions, the duo have successfully pulled off many lucrative deals that have left friends and business associates gaping in envy and bewilderment. Larry played stooge and errand boy to Fowler, running errands for him until he allegedly betrayed Tunde. They rocked the social milieu together , guys envied them, ladies adored them and wherever they make a whistle-stop visit, ground literally tremble. Ask Biola who works with LIRS, she would confirm this.  More on them shortly


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