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Monday, April 27, 2015

Lagos Speakership Battle Gets Messy As Funmi Tejuosho Gets Doused In Past Crimes

The battle to determine who becomes the next speaker of Lagos state has become more intense as one of the major contenders, Funmi Tejuosho gets wallowed in past crimes

Here are the details

As the anxiety and anticipation emanating from the uncertainty of who becomes the next Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly gets more intense, another serving legislator of the House, Hon. Adefunmilayo Tejuosho, who has just been reelected again, has also joined in the race for the N0 3 citizen of Lagos State. However, many believe that of all the contestants for this vital position, Hon Funmilayo Tejuosho has the least chances of becoming the speaker due to some reasons, which include her unholy alliance with top politicians as well as her unruly behavior, which does not befit the position of Lagos State House of Assembly.

Hon. Funmilayo Tejuosho will return to the 8th Lagos Assembly by June 2015 as a fourth term legislator, having been in the House since 2003. Hon. Tejuosho, a 50 year old legislator and the current Chairman, House Committee on Finance, represents Mushin Constituency 1 of Lagos State in the Assembly.

One of the many factors that might hinder the realization of Hon. Tejuosho as the next Lagos Speaker is due to the claims and allegations by many that she is arrogant. Many of her colleagues strongly believe that the female legislator is too arrogant to be the speaker of the House.

 It would be recalled that the famous Lagos legislator had been the deputy speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly, but was relieved of this vital position in 2009 for gross misconduct bordering on undermining the authority of the House as well as disrespect to the House and violation of House rules.

The impeachment notice had been signed by 30 members of the House and when the speaker, Adeyemi Ikuforiji, finally put the matter to vote, 28 lawmakers voted in favour while three were against with one abstaining. As a matter of fact, many of the then members of Lagos State House of Assembly had argued that Tejuosho could have been impeached long ago but for the intervention of personalities in the state who prevailed on members to sheath their swords. Till date, many still allege that Hon. Tejuosho hasn’t change for good in this aspect. To them, egotism has become part and parcel of Hon. Tejuosho, and such a character would not make a good leader, let alone the Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly.

Another factor that will pose a threat to Lagos State speakership ambition of Hon. Funmi Tejuosho is the claim by many that she wears immoral dresses. Though, many of her fans would argue otherwise, the truth is that many a time this popular female legislator puts on dresses that cleverly and sensually expose her cleavage. Indeed this writer, as a social and event photographer, has witnessed different occasions where all eyes were on the controversial Hon. Funmi Tejuosho, not because she was the most popular at the event, but due to her tempting and mouthwatering dresses. Indeed, this is a serious factor that might stand against her in the contest for the Lagos State Speaker as many believe anybody that will occupy such a vital position must be someone who dresses morally, especially when the person in question is of the female folk.

Another factor that many believe will stand in the way of Hon. Tejuosho in the Lagos Speakership race is the allegation and claim that she is promiscuous, despite being a married woman. Indeed, there is an allegation that this beautiful female legislator does as it pleases her heart when it comes to going into relationships with men. She is alleged not to have bothered about what anybody or even her husband says or feels in respect to this. There has been a speculation that she is not usually in good term with her husband as the husband believes the female legislator often cheats on him. It was exclusively gathered that the female legislator is presently dating a top Lagos politician, who has been three time commissioner. Therefore, the unholy alliance of Hon. Tejuosho with this top politician and others will also go a long way in standing against her in the race for the speakership.

Hon Funmi Tejuosho is the only female legislator who is returning to the Lagos State House of Assembly for the fourth time consecutively. If by miracle or other means, she becomes the next Lagos State House of Assembly speaker, she will make a historic record of becoming the first female speaker to emerge at the Lagos Legislative House

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