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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yutees Fashion Boss, Utibe Rone’s Excessive Lifestyle, Extra Ordinary Closeness To Friends Boyfriends Cause Angst Against Her.

The lifestyle of high flyer and boss of Yutees fashion, Utibe Tone is causing uproar amongst friends

According to a source ‘many of her friends are not happy with her oppressive lifestyle and tendencies’

Married to  a mysterious money man named Julius, the fashion label boss is reputed to have virtually everything at her beck and call – as long as a monetary price is attached to it.

Said to journey to places such as from Abuja to Lagos back and forth in a private jet, thanks to her husband’s deep pocket, the lady described as a snazzy dresser is alleged to make friends with limited means feel small around her.

‘she lords the fact that she has her needs taken care and can afford her wants at will over her friends is the talks around’ a source claim.

And a growing list of those who claimed to be her friends are said to be unhappy with her over this issue.

Many are said to stomach treatments she mete out based as a result of the influence and contacts ‘playing’ with her attracts.

As a result of the wealth attached to her name and person, she is said to attract the attention of opposite sex, and this situation is said to have made her good friend of many of the boyfriends of her friends.

According to a source ‘she appears to be a tom boy f sort and at home in the company of male friends...this makes her friendship with some of the boyfriends of her friends to be more solid than even friends of same sex’

However this observed closeness is said to be giving some f the friends concerned headache and added to one of the reasons causing angst against her amongst friends.

Though a source insist ‘nobody can concretely say whether closeness with any of her friends boyfriends has resulted in intimate things...talks that tilt towards this end based on speculations have started floating here and there’

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