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Monday, June 15, 2020

Flying With Kids During the COVID-19 Pandemic: 8 Precautions

Although COVID-19 transmission is still an issue in the United States and around the world, some families have decided to, or have to, take flights elsewhere. 

If you’re flying with kids, here are eight expert-recommended safety precautions you can take before and during your trip. 

1. Make sure your kids are educated about COVID-19. Keep it simple, but staying informed will help them stay safe. 

2. Pack a travel thermometer. This will help you decipher whether your child is actually feeling ill or is just in a mood. 

3. Encourage your kids to wash their hands pre- and post-flight, as well as before and after eating any food. 

4. Wipe down your seating area on the plane, including the front and back of the seat tray, as well as any accessories your kids might touch. 

5. Cover your seats with breathable blankets to add an extra barrier between your kids and any germs there might be. 

6. Promote optimal health by bringing reusable water bottles and filling them up after you go through security. 

7. A 2018 study recommends sitting in a window seat to best avoid airborne-illness. 

8. For an extra cleanse and a hydration boost, rinse your child’s nose out with saline solution before and after the flight.

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