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Monday, June 15, 2020

US Outraged As Russia Convicts America Of Spying

The United States expressed outrage Monday over a Russian court’s conviction of American Paul Whelan on espionage charges, saying he was deprived of a fair trial.⁣

Whelan, a former Marine arrested in December 2018, was sentenced Monday to 16 years of hard labour after being found guilty of receiving classified information.⁣

“The United States is outraged by the decision of a Russian court today to convict US citizen Paul Whelan after a secret trial, with secret evidence, and without appropriate allowances for defense witnesses,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.⁣

“We demand Paul Whelan’s immediate release,” he said.⁣

Just days earlier, Pompeo had publicly called on Russia to release Whelan, who contends that he was on holiday in Russia when he was given a USB drive thinking it contained family photographs.⁣

“The treatment of Paul Whelan at the hands of Russian authorities has been appalling,” Pompeo said.⁣

Pompeo said Russian authorities “put his life at risk by ignoring his long-standing medical condition.”⁣

Whelan’s conviction is another impediment in relations between the two powers, which are at odds over Ukraine, Syria, Libya, arms control, and a host of other issues.⁣

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