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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Inside Details As Popular Socialite Chioma Madubuko Bids ''Bye Bye'' To The World

Alive, she shouldered a rare and inspiring womanhood stepping up to
motivate and lift the spirits of many a woman in the corporate world. In death, she looms even larger in stature and immensity to the human cause; which makes her unforgettable to her friends, business associates and family.
No one would forget easily top socialite and former Company Secretary of Dangote Group, Chioma Madubuko. She passed on yesterday at Reddington Hospital, Lagos, after a prolonged battle with multiple sclerosis. Until her death, she remained an inspirational figure to generations of African women and this is attributable to her sterling character and exploits across various fields in her lifetime.
It was a miserable end to the life of one of the most acclaimed invigorators of Lagos’ social circuit and high society no doubt. She will be remembered as a wife, mother, sister and friend who radiated great bliss, laughter and splendor wherever she graced with her unforgettable presence.
Indeed, the true measure of a person is not how long he or she lives, but what was achieved while on earth. Chioma was endowed with the noblest persona epitomizing kindness, selflessness, genuine humaneness and an extraordinary ability to put a smile on people’s faces, even at the most improbable time.
She was the people’s princess, and that is how she will stay, their hearts and in their memories.
She was a woman of grace, gorgeousness, and allure and her beauty no doubt radiated from within, to form a glorious halo about her persona throughout her stay on earth.
Chioma resigned from the services of Dangote Company in January, 2020, where she served meritoriously for about 12years.

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