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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Billionaire Aliko Dangote In Shrouded Romance With Ex Beauty Queen, Sylvia Nduka

Rich man Aliko Dangote is said to be in a very shrouded relationship with ex beauty queen Sylvia Nduka.

Here are the details

This is arguably the hottest gist running around town in the confines of those in the know.
It’s the story of the sizzling romance between the 2011 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria winner, Sylvia Nduka and Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote! Love is really in the air and good enough, the man Aliko Dangote does not have any woman in his home. And as for the ex beauty Queen, she’s not just loving this relationship but has also agreed to the tenets of Islam by beginning to wear hijab. For all you care, Sylvia has also updated her name on Instagram as Sylvia Nduka AD meaning Aliko Dangote.

Although the affair is still shrouded in utmost secrecy to the public, National Enquirer can reliably say that the beauty Queen has totally captured the heart of the billionaire businessman.
According to our reliable source, the relationship which kicked off shortly after Sylvia’s reign in 2013 has since metamorphosed into a serious affair that has had the billionaire pumping millions into Sylvia’s life and business. “Give or take two years, it’s been going on for a while, but they have tried as much as possible to keep it away from the public view” the source revealed.

Undoubtedly, her relationship with the billionaire has changed Sylvia’s life in no little ways, the former beauty Queen commands Dangote’s private jet like hers and flies in and out of the country on constant short trips abroad. “On many occasions she jets into Dubai and lodges in executive suites in Burj Arab! Like a big girl that she is, she cruises around town in white Range Rover sports, a gift bestowed on her by her benefactor” we were told by a source.

Unknown to many, the billionaire has been investing hugely into Sylvia own Hairline Sylvia’s Hair Gallery which was opened and launched shortly after her reign in 2013.
Not only has Sylvia’s life changed dramatically over the years, her mode of dressing has also witnessed a drastic change. Insiders swore to high heavens that the lovers are quite serious and marriage might be on their minds as Sylvia has been spotted on several occasions dressing like a Muslim! “There is no doubt that it is a serious affair, not just a fling. She covers up more now and you know that Dangote’s religion allows him to take as many wives as he likes so you can expect a big announcement anytime soon” our source confided in us.

We also gathered exclusively that Enemaya Lawani who is also a former beauty Queen has given her friend Sylvia all the support and encouragement needed to date a older man as she also boasts of one and has trailed that path for six years.

For those who do not know, Ene has enjoyed a long term affair with her beau the Chairman of Polo Luxury John Obayuwana, a relationship that has enjoyed massive popularity over the years. However, wedding bells might not be ringing anytime soon for this couple unlike Sylvia and Dangote and this can be traced to Jennifer Obayuwana’s involvement. 

Even though Jennifer who got engaged December last year 2014 to Peter Salah was initially instrumental to Ene’s relationship with her Dad, the 33year old mother of one has drawn the line and maintained that her father would not marry her friend.

Marriage or no marriage, Ene’s life like Sylvia’s has changed thanks to her billionaire lover. She also paints the town red with a Range Rover Sports car like her friend, has a multi million Naira business empire EmeNaya Millinary Turbans and Accessories; an outfit that caters for only the elite in the society, courtesy of “The Rolex Man” John Obayuwana. 

 National Enquirer will definitely stay glued to watch more events unfold, especially as it seems that wedding bells would ring for Dangote and Nduka soon

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