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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Inside Story Of Fugitive Bizman & Senator Elect, Kashamu Buruji

Amazing inside story of the world of fugitive politician Kashamu Buruji is out.
And the story reels out like one out of the story book of world acclaimed characters.

 Here are the details
If you call him Esho Jinadu or Kasham Buruji, you are still referring to the same mystery money man who was born Musefau omoburujimi Oshodipe.

Kasham Buruji, now an elected Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria means so many things to many people. In his home town of Ijebu-Igbo and many parts of the rocky state of Ogun, he is a cheerful giver who loves to see smiles on people’s faces; to social crusaders, he is well loved that an appearance at an occasion could change the colour of the event to a lively one; to musicians who love to sing his praise to high heaven, he is a Father Christmas of no equal. And to the American Law, he still needs to clear the cloud hovering over his involvement in the trade of devil’s dust which the Americans are bent on unraveling through any means possible


You are indeed welcomed to the world of a man who decided to take up a name that was earned from his father’s sobriquet  ‘Catch am’ while still working as a court bailiff. Then, we reliably gathered that his father who was a court bailiff those days was in the habit of releasing accused persons intentionally and he would later run after them with the phrase ‘Catch Am’ permanently on his lips. This, we gathered was how ‘Catch Am’ became Kasham.

Give it to him; his story is definitely ‘From grass to grace’. Someone who started as a ‘motorboy’ to a timber lorry to become one of the wealthiest men to come out of Ogun State. His story is truly a story of fortune, perseverance and determination of a man who encountered wealth through various means in his quest for survival.

Esho Jinadu as he is popularly called was very famous in the 80s and 90s; he was among the few socialites who sprayed musicians in foreign currencies in the social circles. His birth name is Musefau Oshodipe, a former car dealer who has an automobile car shop called Jinsod Motors (coinage of Esho Jinadu) situated along Allen Avenue, Ikeja in Lagos. He first had an encounter with the law when a certain Salako was caught with the devil’s dust and later confessed that the popular socialite was the stronghold of the illicit trade.
The allegation by Salako sent the laws on the trail of the big spender that they mounted a manhunt both at his house and his office at Allen Avenue.

Tales had it that after waiting for three days at the Car Lot, out of nowhere, Esho Jinadu surfaced. Many people especially his friends and workers were surprised and wanted to know why he gave himself up the way he did. It was later learnt that he banked on one of his neighbours on Allen Avenue, Aina Marshal advice whom he felt had an influence on the law and can sway things his way. It was this friend that told him to give himself up with a promise to help him out. But unfortunately his supposedly good friend did nothing but tricked and betrayed him because unknown to the Ogun politician, he had scores to settle with him.

As soon as he finally showed up, he was apprehended and promptly taken into their custody at Ilupeju area of Lagos.

Till date, it still remains a mystery how he was able to break out from incarceration. However, words had it that it was his mother who was popularly referred to as Alhaja that helped him spiritually to escape from the laws. It was at this point that he relocated to Cotonou in neighbouring Benin Republic. Though, he was able to escape at that time, the terrified law officers made sure they arrested many people who visited him before his escape including the late iron merchant, Tejumola. Anyone is in doubt should confirm from NDLEA.

 While in Cotonu, he also found himself in trouble with the law again and there he was also sent to the higher school of life. It was during his time in detention in the French speaking West African country that he met and got a contact that turned his life totally around that he became very rich. It was at this point he felt he needed a change of identity, hence Esho Jinadu ‘died’ and Kasham Buruji resurrected. 

How He Fought His Former Best Friend Till Death

Those who know Esho Jinadu then would readily attest to the fact that he was very close to another socialite and town’s man, Prince Muyiwa Awolesi. Their friendship then was so solid that many wished they were like them. But, the friendship could not stand the test of time because Kasham believed that his dear friend betrayed him at a time he was in trouble. According to a close source, when, the Laws came hunting for Kasham, many of his cars were driven to Palm Groove/Onipanu area of Ikorodu Road that used to be the residence of Muyiwa Awolesi. But, there was an allegation that after Kasham relocated to Benin Republic, Muyiwa helped himself with the cars and never remitted any of the money to Kasham. Aside that, it was even alleged that Muyiwa ‘eat’ out of the nature’s pot of the friend’s wife who was popularly called ‘Iya Sheri’ before Kasham could navigate his way back to his country of birth.

How He Ran Out Of Ijebu-Igbo

Today, in Ijebu-Igbo in Ogun State, there is a gigantic mosque built by Burji Kasham.

Nevertheless, the good intent of the mosque gift by the benevolent businessman, account has it that the mosque was built at the scene where Kasham mistakenly ran over someone when he tried to move the lorry he was working with. The incident was what took him out of Ijebu-Igbo, we were told.

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