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Friday, May 15, 2015

Kolapo Kola Daisi, Bisola Ajimbo’s Marriage Troubled!

There is trouble in paradise in the marriage of Kolapo, the son of money man Kola Daisi and Bisola, the daughter of Oyo state Governor, Abiola Ajimobi.

Here are the details

If you look deeply enough, you just might find that it is daddy's trust fund and mummy's deep pockets that intoxicates Bisola Daisi nee Ajimobi, like poisonous rum stupefies the habitual drunk. Bisola, daughter of Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State and his wife, Florence, has notoriously become the bane to her husband, Kola Daisi's shot at blissful matrimony.

Besides her willfulness, constant disrespectfulness, Bisola consumes hard liquor like a fish gulps brackish water. So pitiful is her weakness for alcohol that it drives her husband to tears to see her collapse to the lure and power of the deadly substance. On several occasions in which Bisola got high on her supply of alcohol, Kola had called Florence, his mother-in-law, to report her daughter to her but the latter simply told him to take things easy, assuring him albeit unconvincingly that her daughter would change.
 While Kola tearfully condones his wife's drunkenness, the latter recently compounded matters by her gross disrespect to him and their marriage. How? It would be recalled that Kola's father, a proud and illustrious Ibadan, Oyo man, gave his son a house in Victoria Island, Lagos as a wedding gift; in the same vein, Abiola, Bisola's father, gave her daughter a house in Ikoyi.
 While most brides would make the best use of such expensive gifts by dwelling in her husband's house and putting up her own for rent perhaps, Bisola shamelessly manifests as a contrariety of sort. Rather than live with her husband in his house in V.I, Bisola chose to live in the house her father gave to her in Ikoyi. All entreaties that she come live with him by her husband failed and the latter, in the true spirit of manhood and his lineage, would never go live with a woman in her house. "That would be tantamount to proving himself a bastard," said a very close source to the couple.
 Thus Bisola only comes home to sleep with her husband at night and retires to live in her house in Ikoyi every day. Sometimes, she chooses to sleep in Ikoyi to her husband's chagrin.  Already, Kola has become the toast of beautiful ladies from highly placed families who can hardly wait for him to kick the 'that rich, spoilt drunken brat' out of his life, said a family member

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