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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Oil Moguls Scott Tommey, Julius Rone In Fierce Battle..How Wife Collapsed Their Friendship

Things have fallen apart between two friends, Julius Rone and Scott Tommey. Scott Tommey, the philanthropist Chairman of Osmoserve Global, and his erstwhile friend Julius Rone had a friendship that dated back to seasons past.

In fact, few people were of the opinion that theirs was a weather-beaten friendship nurtured and solidified in the anvil of mutual respect, love and camaraderie. But then, a woman was allowed to creep in; she created a wide crack between them and burnt every likely possible bridge of reconciliation, thereby sounding a death knell for their friendship.

According to a gist sourced from the inside, Julius’ wife, named Utibe, was the one who maliciously engineered the irretrievable break-up between Scott from Julius. Investigations revealed that Utibe was the one who incited Julius against Scott, and counselled her husband to go for Scott’s jugular.

This was to be followed with series of antics from Julius; these eventually led Scott calling it quits with Julius and bidding farewell to whatever remained of their association.

It has also been gathered that Scott has advised his wife, Seifeya, to be wary of Utibe, the Abuja-based fashion designer perceptibly known for her life on the fast lane. That Utibe is a lady about town who takes undying pleasure in sybaritic lifestyle is a fact undeniable. She loves the limelight; and she cuddles it like a girl would hug her teddy bear in a lonely, cold season.

This is a complete contrast with from Seifeya, whose major contact with the public was when her husband threw a birthday party in her honour.

So, for Scott and Julius, theirs has added to the number of stories of supposedly promising friendships gone sour courtesy the tomfooleries of a woman. To those who know the workings of the Scott-Julius comradeship, it is believed that Scott and Julius are two strange bed fellows whose values and ideals are as conspicuously different as they come.

While Scott is believed to be a well-wishing and live-and-let-live person, Julius has been profiled to be underhanded and manipulative.

Not a few people close to them continued to wonder what the compatibility point of their friendship.

Despite the intervention of close friends and business associates and family members, they have sworn never to have anything to do with themselves.


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