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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mohammed Babangida’s Marriage Break Up Gets Messier As Version Of Events That Paints 1st Wife, Rahama Indimi As Architect Of Broken Home Hits Town

The 14-year old marriage between Mohammed Babangida, scion of the Babangida dynasty and his first wife and mother of his four children, Rahama Indimi, has crashed. Rahama has even moved out of the Babangidas’ palatial Hill Top mansion in Minna, Niger State. Since she packed out of her matrimonial home a few months ago, she has been putting up with her sister in Abuja, FCT.

Sources disclosed to The ELITES that the marriage between Mohammed and Rahama crashed as a result of myriad of problems, which was completely beyond the couple’s control. Somehow, the news of their crashed marriage was only known to just the couple’s families and close friends alone.

Until last weekend, when Rahama took to the social media and announced the crash of her marriage to the whole world.

This shocking disclosure set a lot of tongues wagging and it sparked various debates on what could have led to the crash and why a lady, who is supposedly well brought-up, could resort to using the social media to make such an announcement.

Rahama is the daughter of Alhaji Indimi, the Maiduguiri, Borno State billionaire, owner of Oriental Energy Resources Limited and a major player in the United Kingdom-listed independent oil and gas producers, Afren Plc.

A source close to the family revealed that a lot of mudslinging and subtle blackmail had been going on, since Rahama left her marriage.

She, allegedly, resorted to the Instagram gimmick of last weekend, so as to get Mohammed’s attention and draw his ire, since he had been ignoring her request for money. But she soon realized, rather too late, that her irrational action, brought more odium and disrepute to her family, than she could ever envisage.

Rahama had posted an audio message supposedly uttered by Mohammed against his wife, Umma on her Instagram page. But she pulled it out some minutes after it was posted only for lied that it was done by a friend she confided in.

This denial earned her severe rebuke and got many people incensed. The reaction she got was so much that she got really confused and didn’t know how to handle the situation.

The ELITES authoritatively gathered that Rahama was fond of hitting the social media to vent her rants, whenever she wanted Mohammed to give her money, which amount usually, bothered on the ridiculous.

According to The ELITES’ findings, the crux of the problem between Moha and Rahama is not unconnected with some complex issues, which have been bedeviling their marriage right from inception. One of the core problems, which became a recurring decimal in the Babangidas’ marriage, is the issue of Rahama’s dominance and control over her husband’s life.

The ELITES gathered that Rahama runs a store that sells aphrodisiac products in Abuja. Her line of business enterprise, was reported to have created disaffection between her and Mohammed, as he strongly objected to her selling sex stimulating products. But Rahama was said to have put her foot down and refused to heed Mohammed’s plea to re-consider the line of business, she had chosen to trade in.

Beyond her sex-inclined line of business, one other factor, which was a source of constant quarrel between Rahama and her former husband, was the issue of his second wife, Umma Wali.

It will be recalled that in April 2008, Mohammed got married to Umma, the daughter of Ambassador Aminu Wali, the former Nigerian Envoy to the United States of America, at an elaborate ceremony, which spanned several days in Kano and Minna. Before he took Umma as his second wife, Mohammed, who is fondly called Moha by his friends and admirers, had faced a stiff opposition from Rahama. She was aggrieved with her husband’s decision to take a second wife. She was said to have felt crushed with the prospect of sharing Mohammed with another woman. And this must have fueled the bitterness she felt towards Umma for usurping her in the life of Moha.

To show how angry she was with her husband for taking a second wife, Rahama left her Minna matrimonial home for several months and moved into her father’s home in Abuja. Later, she was pacified and persuaded into moving back to her home. However, Rahama was said to have refused to accept Umma.

The rivalry between the Babaginda wives soon escalated into a battle of supremacy over who was Moha’s favourite between the two.

The ELITES gathered that shortly after Rahama was delivered of her third child, (Moha’s first son), she regained a full control over Moha’s life. Invariably, this began to have a telling effect on his union with Umma, as she was relegated to the background. By and large, Umma began to encounter some difficulty in gaining access to her husband, even when they all lived within the same vicinity. It was gathered that whenever he was at home, Moha was often in his apartment, which he shared with Rahama. He rarely visited Umma in her apartment. Moha lives in a duplex, which is situated within the Hill Top mansion. The building, which is called The White House, is a beauty to behold. And this is where Moha and his former wife, Rahama lived with their four children. Quite interestingly too, The White House is just a two minutes walk to The Green House, which used to be Umma’s apartment.

Somehow, Umma became very unhappy at the turn of event. She was reported to have realized that the forces that were confronting her in her marriage to Moha went beyond the ordinary. Eventually, when she could no longer cope, she decided to move out of her matrimonial home.

The love story of Moha and Umma dated back to over 20 years ago. The two met through Fatima Najib, their mutual friend. Way back then, Umma was a young undergraduate at Bayero University, BUK, Kano. She later traveled to the United Kingdom to further her studies. It was also gathered that from the on set, Mohammed had expressed his desire to marry Umma. So seriously involved was he with her that he even gave her a diamond ring, as a symbol of his commitment to her. Unfortunately though, the relationship suffered a big crash when their parents, reportedly, opposed their affair.

Subsequently, after Moha married Rahama Indimi in 2004, he still kept in touch with Umma. And even after his marriage to Rahama, Mohammed still nursed his desire to marry Umma. Eventually, his parents acquiesced to his request. And their affair finally crystallized into marriage in 2008.

Close source disclosed to The ELITES that Moha has refused to be moved by Rahama’s proclivity for pranks and gimmicks. He is said to be basking in the euphoria of serenity and peace, that have characterized his life, ever since Rahama left their home, many months ago. This sentiment is equally shared by his family members and close friends, who are tired of running helter-skelter, whenever the imperious Rahama threw her tantrums.


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