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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lagos Lawmaker, Mudashiru Obasa, Actress Lizzy Anjorin In Shrouded Relationship

Lagos Lawmaker, Mudashiru Obasa in engulfed in a shrouded affair at present.

His counterpart in the hidden move identified as actress, Lizzy Anjorin.

Sources close to the state lawmaker from Agege disclosed Obasa and the role interpretter that recently adopted Islam as a religion are 'an item'.

Maintained the informant 'but they keep it very quiet'.

Another added 'guarded and serious best describe it'.

Unconfirmed sources link the lawmaker to Anjorin's recent conversion to Islam and adoption of the name 'Aisha'.

Claimed a source 'he has a hand her trip to Mecca'.

Digs revealed aside the Hajj trip, the closeness and level of care between the two came to light to confidants in the course of the burial of the late actress' mother.

Honourable mudashiru was described as 'putting himself all out behind the scene to make it successful...with contacts and funding'

According to a watcher of events 'the extra precaution they are employing in the affair shows an unusual level of seriousness, especially with Anjorin's conversion to Islam like Obasa...but given that the only thing constant is change, then it is better to just wait on time to unravel everything'.

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